Email addresses.. everyone’s got 1.. ok lets be honest most people have got more than 1. Over the years we have used a great deal of email providers from a simple Hotmail account back in the day to more recently Gmail & for business purposes G Suite.

More recently we have been using Outlook 365 which you would expect to be all bells and whistles but unfortunately through my eyes is cumbersome and hard maintain.. There’s a lot of reasons why Office 365 from Microsoft would be better than a little web mail service which started out as Gmail. But Google have really beaten Microsoft to the punch again.

All we hear nowadays is “cloud cloud cloud” and how it is going to change the way we do things if it hasn’t already, well for one Microsoft wasn’t interested in such things as the sale of the operating system Windows coupled with installs of their office software has always kept them at the top of their game.


I do honestly think that Microsoft were pushed to get to cloud based productivity when Google Apps seemed to be storming ahead with such things. The result is a bloated not very user-friendly service from Microsoft.. the UI is simply painful to use, selecting all emails is near impossible, the amount of times the send button simply does not appear on the web form is once too many in my estimation.

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So in a nutshell G Suite (Formerly Google Apps) for me is the best on the block, with pricing from £3.30 a month per user you can have the best cloud based system at your finger tips.

Not only do you get a super email service with lots under the hood but you also get online storage as standard,  a web based word processor which easily replaces Word and even Sheets which is again a like for like swap for Excel, and don’t worry you can even import old office files and if you must save as Office format.

So what you waiting for? click the banner and get signed up..  Look for posts on setting up and using G Suite and for those wanting to take the plunge here’s a 20% off code for your first year.