E-Commerce is a difficult beast to master,   previous to the internet we relied on local stores, city and country markets and the odd mail-order catalogue.

Now this is where things get a little difficult, and its not the technical aspects by any means.

You take any town centre, the hub for retail businesses large and small, but they are bunched together in a relatively small area.   This also means that there may be space for one or two businesses whom operate in the same market.  Let’s say a local butcher for instance.. you will probably find a couple of butchers within walking distance in any local town centre.

With a town that has 5 of these butchers within walking distance it wouldn’t make sense to try to open a new butchers shop, would it?  This unfortunately where businesses make their first mistake, the internet has no limit to how many businesses you can find by searching for products be them TV’s or to use our example a  30oz Steak!

There is no magic bullet that can take your business and make it a successful one on-line.

The old statement, Location, Location, Location is still very true, but instead of speaking in a high street premises  terms we are of course talking about page 1 or page 2 of search engine results.

No matter what any business says they most probably won’t get you top placement for your business as there are simply too many  facets to achieving this. Now we are not saying it cannot be done, we have proved it can but to achieve this you either have to throw thousands of pounds at a business with no guarantee that it will work or do it the right way… that is over time and getting passionate about doing the leg work yourself.

No firm is going to more passionate about your business than you, and the only way to make a difference on-line is ensuring you have a fantastic business off-line first, and there are thing that can help you maximize this by looking at what you can do better than the next guy and focusing efforts on that.